This Week

This week I watched the news, I read The Economist, I read the Guardian, I read some blogs… nothing
really unusual there. But somehow it got to me more than usual… maybe it was The Economist’s cover telling me to “BE AFRAID”… or the continuous reporting and interviewing of people who didn’t seem to know what to do (and these are people who’ve thought about and read about fiscal policies and gross national products and such a whole lot more than I have). It bothered me that nobody seems to know what they’re doing or what needs to be done. Basically it just felt very scary. And I feel very stupid.

So when I saw this captioned image of Fry it reflected how I felt.
But just surfing (NSFW) is definitely not the answer to this. Ignoring world events and how austerity measures are going to affect everyone is not the solution.
I think Adam Curtis summed it up perfectly: “It’s like living in the mind of a depressed hippie.”