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Getting Started and Writing a To-Do-List

I’ve been playing around with WordPress and uploaded, deleted, and re-uploaded stuff. I’m sorting through my things to see what else I want to share in this space and jotting down ideas for posts on bits of paper.

Also, I added flattr-buttons to some of the stuff I’m sharing. (To find out what flattr is watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwvExIWf_Uc) I feel kinda silly doing so, but I figure since it’s all voluntary, I’ll let others decide whether they think my content is worth flattr-ing.

What else?
Oh! I get to write out a concept for a competition with a barbecue theme! That should be fun.
It looks like May will be busy. I spent the first week of the month in Berlin, I set up this site two days ago, I need to finish up a project this week, start a new one, write bills, update my mother’s website (tcm-nuernberg.de), and take a friend to the ballet at the end of the month.

I want to finish up some socks I’m knitting for my sister. She has also requested a shawl.
I really want to sit down and finish reading Edward Said’s Orientalism so I can have an opinion on it.

So, I think I’ll just get right on all of that.